Let us help you reach your audience. Here are the newspapers and advertising rates.
Please contact your newspaper below or call 1-800-658-3485 and ask for 
the Advertising Department. Or email us at bhgads@bhgnews.com.

For a complete rate sheet, see here.
For an abbreviated rate sheet, see here.

Community Newspapers

McClusky Gazette - McLean County Independent
Beulah Beacon - Hazen Star - The Leader-News - Central McLean News-Journal,
New Town News, Mountrail County Record - Center Republican

Inch Rates 

Weekly Total 0 to 9 -- $ 7.50
Weekly Total 10 to 15 -- $ 7.25
Weekly Total 16 to 29 -- $ 7.00
Weekly total 30 to 60 -- $ 6.70
Weekly Total 61 and up --  $ 6.50

Discount are available for multi-paper advertising.

Colored streamer (5 col x 1 inch ad at the bottom of P. 1)* -- $75.00
Classified Display -- $ 9.00
Classified Word Ad -- $8.00 for first 20 words
25 cents for each additional word, additional weeks or papers, 1/2 price of original ad.
Business directories and other advertising packages available through each newspaper.
Advertising Deadline: 10 a.m. Monday for Thursday publication, at many of our papers.
Tabloid Size; Contract Rates Available; All Rates Non-Commissionable

Shopper Publications (XTRA and Dollar Saver)

$7.50 per inch for one shopper or $11.25 for two shoppers
Advertising deadline is 9 a.m. Thursday for Monday dateline.

Front page of the XTRA or Dollar Saver is $350 with one additional color.
Drop into the 2nd shopper for just $250 more. (First come, first served.)