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Legislative forum to be held in New Town

Constituents in District 4, the heart of the Bakken, will be able to hear directly from candidates running for State House and State Senate seats.

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School stuff needs reorganization

Even though it’s fall, the Parshall Schools are going to get a spring cleaning.

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City Council considers a break from construction

With the 2016 construction season coming to a close, the Parshall City Council thinks it might be a good idea to hold off on the final leg of its extensive reconstruction of the city’s sewers and streets.

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Trafficking still a major problem

While the oil boom has faded over the last year, the problems it brought to the region linger on.

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Ferry plan could work with local support

Could a ferry service operate successfully on Lake Sakakwea, restoring the north-south connection that was lost when Elbowoods disappeared under the water of the lake?

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Remembering loss to prevent future pain​

A dreary, rainy day did not deter walkers from remembering family and friends who died by suicide. It is a hard topic to talk about. It is a hard thing to think about. It is a hard thing to remember for anyone.

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Construction work winding down

Another season of street and sewer replacement is winding down as the Parshall City Council mulls future plans

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Rain not hampering harvest yet

The rain over the last couple of weeks has been a nuisance to farmers but harvest is proceeding on schedule, says Mountrail County Ag Agent Jim Hennessy.

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Parshall Schools to add daycare

The Parshall School Board voted to convert one of the rooms in the Elementary School to be used as a daycare facility.

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Bus driver shortage drives school changes

Parshall School Superintendent Beth Schwarz is looking for a few good drivers.

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