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Plaza school prepares for K-12, Makoti school will close

Plaza School looks like a construction zone right now.

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Parshall School Board seats two new members

At the July 17 Parshall School Board meeting, two newly elected members were seated with the board.

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The heartbeat of the powwow

Anyone who has ever attended a powwow will always remember the rhythmic, almost hypnotic beat of the drums that accompany the hundreds of dancers that fill the area.

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City Council mulls riding rules

The Parshall City Council wants to crack down on riders who run four wheelers through town, but not quite yet.

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Horses and Hands

On the shore of Lake Sakakawea is a small arena surrounded by the beauty of the open country of Western Dakota.

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Commission coordinates battle against drug crime

The Mandan Hidatsa and Arickara Nation, like other communities of people in western North Dakota has had to deal with a tidal wave of illegal drugs, according to Gerald White, TAT Public Safety Commissioner/Chief of Drug Enforcement.

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Taft reflects of medical career

A career benchmark passed recently without a lot of fanfare and celebration, almost.

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Meeting highlights trafficking horror

It’s a difficult topic to talk about, said United States Senator Heidi Heitkamp as she met with nearly two dozen leaders of law enforcement agencies, domestic violence shelters, tribal courts and other community members at the Red Hall in Parshall on Saturday.

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First Santee Lucky Mound Powwow a success

A new year brought a new name and upgraded facilities for the Santee Lucky Mound Powwow that was held last weekend south of Parshall.

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Paul Broste Rock Museum will turn 50 next year

It was a sunny Friday afternoon in June and Museum Curator, Doris Jacobson opened the doors at the Paul Broste Rock Museum as she has since she assumed her duties in 2006

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