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Bullies and buses

Bullies and buses were two of the topics on a fairly short agenda for the regular meeting of the Parshall School Board.

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Former New Town editor accused of plagiarism

A former editor of the New Town News has resigned as editor of a Minnesota paper after being accused of passing off humor columns written by others as his own.

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A real big fish story

A search for walleyes at the Garrison Dam Tailrace back on March 6 turned up something different for Royce “Pete” Johnston of Van Hook. A very big something, as it turned out.

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Area, state GOP likes Santorum

Area voters had their say and while New Town Republicans gave a majority of their votes to Ron Paul, the rest of the district and the state gave a Super Tuesday victory to Rick Santorum.

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Developer cuts ties with ND Investments

Michael Wells, a Las Vegas based developer who is developing a number of projects in Parshall and New Town, has severed his ties with North Dakota Investments after that group allegedly failed to follow requirements of North Dakota law. He is now working with a company called Danken Construction which has taken over the restaurant in the Rockview Plaza and the group’s other projects in the area.

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Parshall Centennial Updates

First of all, I am happy to be writing that there has been tremendous support from other groups to help with cleaning up Parshall.

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What’s next for the Bakken?

It’s happened in North Dakota before. Like the tide, oil development and dollars flowed into the state only to reverse course and flow right back out when oil prices dropped

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A new perspective on life

For the past 10 years, racing triathlons has taken Dave Lampert to increasingly greater heights. However, it took the height of Mount Kilimanjaro and a mysterious illness to truly put life and racing in perspective for the 54-year-old Novato resident.

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Test scores a disappointment:

The average student at Parshall Public Schools starts with a disadvantage and falls further behind as time goes on.

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Oil boom strains emergency services

More people. More trucks. More accidents. More crime.

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