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Spill Response Team learns the ropes

Speed is the essence of any emergency responder’s craft. Firefighters and ambulance crews constantly train to make the right decisions quickly under great pressure to protect property and to save lives.

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Diesel refinery site becomes tribal land

The project to build a diesel fuel refinery on North Dakota Highway 23 near Makoti got another boost as Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar came to New Town to announce that the site of the project will be transferred from fee land status to trust land under tribal control.

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Parshall gets new pharmacy

The roads and traffic have made it hard over the couple of years for people in Parshall who needed to get their prescriptions filled. Now it will be as simple as a visit to the Rockview Center.

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Weidner stumps for Impact Aid

Parshall School District John Weidner reported on his recent trip to Washington, D.C., at the last regular meeting of Parshall School Board. Weidner said the most important aspect of his visit was to lobby for Impact Aid, something that is a major source of financing for the district.

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Northrup Grumman facility wins

In a ceremony at the facility, dignitaries representing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognized Northrop Grumman’s participation in the Merit Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), placing the site among an elite group of organizations providing exemplary occupational safety and health protection and serving as models for others.

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Voters to decide on tribal constitution

The Three Affiliated Tribes are governed by a constitution that dates back to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1936.

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City asks: Where will the water go

Parshall is changing rapidly and the Parshall City Council has been trying to keep ahead of those changes by annexing property, replacing streets and sewers, building a new water plant and extending water lines to new customers

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Arsonists seting hay bale fires

Fire season is a dangerous time on the prairie. A stray cigarette or sparks from a burn barrel can blacken thousands of acres and put lives, homes, fences and livestock at risk.

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TAT Primary Election Results

Voters elected Fred Fox as the White Shield Segment representative to the Three Affiliated Tribes Business Council in the primary election held Sept. 18.

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EPA considering air quality standards for Fort Berthold

The Environmental Protection Agency held a hearing in the Hidatsa Room at the Four Bears Casino and Lodge to get public input on allowing the Three Affiliated Tribes to regulate chemical emissions from oil wells on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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