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Trucker 101

Those of us who are old enough to remember the 70s can recall a TV show called Movin’ On, which starred Claude Akins as a crusty old truck driver teaching a young punk the ropes about handling a big rig.

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Reaching out

It doesn’t take a Christopher Columbus to figure out that it’s a long way from Twin Buttes to New Town, especially when you’re battling construction and oilfield traffic.

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Budget muddle

Politics in Bismarck and Washington D.C. are both making life difficult for Parshall School District Superintendent John Weidner.

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Sequestration could hamstring Parshall schools

Sequestration – automatic budget cuts that go into force if Congress doesn’t pass a budget – could have negative long term implications for schools like Parshall unless something changes, according to School Superintendent John Weidner.

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Trucks need to find a new home

The Parshall City Council has had it with complaints of semi trucks parking in residential areas and the damage the trucks cause to city streets.

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Former tribal council member recovered from lake

Scott Eagle, 50, a former North Segment Representative on the TAT Tribal Business Council, died after a boating accident on Tuesday, July 30. His body was recovered near the Four Bears Bridge on Friday, August 2.

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From campfire to outer space

Young members of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation have a foot in two worlds. One world is that of their elders and the traditions and beliefs that have been handed down the generations since time immemorial.

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Vision West eyes 2015 legislative session

It was a mixed group of community leaders, including mayors, city councilmen, county commissioners as well as some members of the general public who came to the RTC buliding in Parshall to learn about where the Bakken is going and what will be the oil boom’s impact on communities, the economy, roads, emergency services and how the State of North Dakota should respond.

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Something was cooking in Parshall

If you were near the Parshall High School last Thursday afternoon and were still hungry when you went home, well, it was your own fault.

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City council explains tree removal

The Parshall City Council tried to placate residents upset about the removal of some trees from boulevards where streets and sidewalks are being replaced.

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