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Roadwork ahead

The joke is as old as it is true. North Dakota is land four seasons; almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction

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Ryder annexation sees another day

One hurdle has been cleared in an effort to have land annexed from the Lewis & Clark District to the Max School District.

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Missouri River Lodge opponents meet in NT

The Missouri River Lodge, a development that would house 1,500 workers about a mile northwest of New Town, is drawing a lot of attention from residents of the area along the shore of Lake Sakakawea where it would be built.

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Parshall Promoters want you

The Parshall Promoters is seeking new members.

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Dumping opponents gather in New Town

The oil boom that started in 2006 has brought many things to western North Dakota.

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Mountrail County 4-H Basketball Tourney held

The 37th Annual Mountrail County 4-H Basketball Tournament brought lots of activity to the Stanley High School on Saturday, April 6, as Mountrail, Ward, Williams, McKenzie and Burke County 4-H members, leaders, families and supporters gathered for the event.

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Annex plan gets new life

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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Developers gauge support for riverside project

Richard Stevens and Theron Larroquette put on a persuasive show.

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Changes in Highlands plan need to be made

While the North Shore has been blessed with relatively modest amounts of snow for the last two winters, the memory of moving massive amounts of the white stuff is still fresh in the minds of the members of Parshall City Council.

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Dakota Plains Pioneer Project to move oil from New Town

Dakota Plains Holdings Inc. is thinking big things are coming for New Town.

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