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Grant to fund new drug court

The Three Affiliated Tribes is going to create a Wellness Drug Court with funding from a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Parshall schools go equipment shopping

The Parshall School Board approved several contracts for new equipment at its regular board meeting on Tuesday.

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Clinic opening set for October 17

After fighting for funding for nearly a decade and two years of construction, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the doctors and nurses looking forward to moving into the modern, spacious Elbowoods Memorial Health Clinic on College Drive in New Town.

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Chemical spill closes highways

A semi took the corner of N.D. Highways 23 and 37 too quickly last week and created a spill that blocked traffic for most of the day, Thursday, Sept. 29.

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Parshall Braves brave long bus rides

If the Parshall Braves football team could fly to their games, they would be racking up some major frequent flier miles.

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Parshall student has French adventure

It’s a long way from the shores of Lake Sakakawea to the banks of the River Seine in Le Havre, France in more ways than one. An area student is sharing her adventures in a new country through a blog on the Internet.

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Parshall development investor’s plans in flux

Ambitious development plans announced for Parshall several weeks ago are changing rapidly, said Mayor Richad Bolkan.

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Whiting looks to the future in the Bakken

Whiting Petroleum Corporation thinks it’s going to be a player in the Bakken oil patch for a good long time.

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Superintendent search marches on

The Parshall School Board met with Gary Schnellert from MacPherson & Jacobson to discuss the candidates for superintendent at a special meeting on July 6.

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TAT Firefighters fighting Texas wildfires

Three members for the MHA Nation Fire Management Program made the long trek to Texas with two engines to join thousands of other fire fighters battling the huge wildfires that are blackening tens of thousands of acres in Texas.

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