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Missouri River Resources to host energy summit

The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, home of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara nations, is now the source of more than half of all the oil produced on Indian Reservations in the United States.

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Proposal could ease Parshall’s truck traffic

The Parshall City Council was looking towards the future as issues of water sales, planning and zoning and housing were on the agenda for it’s regular meeting held Wednesday morning.

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How much? Rule would change native oil royalty payments

While the meeting was supposed to be about a narrow topic of how royalties are calculated for allottees and tribes for oil wells drilled on reservation lands, the topics discussed at the meeting in the New Town Civic Center ranged widely as tribal members took their chance to send a message to the higher-ups in the federal Department of Interior who oversees the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies who have a direct impact on live on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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Gifts return home

Gift giving in an integral part of the culture of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people. They not only exchange ceremonial gifts among themselves but also to people outside the tribes they wish to honor.

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State weighs in on proposed land transfer

"Whiskey is for drinking, water for fighting."

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Bakken Inn gets go-ahead

In two brief votes, the Parshall City Council approved a final plat and a building permit for the 600+ room Bakken Inn in a special meeting on Monday, Oct. 21.

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Area residents caught in regional drug sweep

Four resident of New Town and Parshall were indicted on drug charges in Billings, Mont., along with 12 Montana residents in a regional drug operation. The operation was a follow up to the arrest of 22 people, mostly Fort Berthold residents this summer.

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Superintendent campaigns for impact aid fix

Parshall School District Superintendent John Weidner took his message to Washington, D.C., that the sequester is hurting school districts like Parshall.

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Developers look toward Parshall’s East Side

Parshall could see a burst of growth on the east side of North Dakota Highway 37 if the plans of a pair do developers come to fruition.

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Language Summit celebrates a living culture

The Nueta, Hidatsa and Sahnish people lived along the Missouri River for centuries. The Mandan were here to welcome Lewis and Clark on their historic exploration and teach them how to survive the vicious North Dakota winter.

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