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Farmers jumping at the chance for an early start

Farmers are taking advantage of the Year Without A Winter to get an early jump on spring’s work this year.

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Rockview Plaza keeps adding businesses

Parshall 2000, the organization that is developing the former Good Samaritan Home into the Rockview Plaza is on the verge of completing the recruitment of a fifth business to take up residence in the facility.

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Tribe looks to amend water agreement

The agreement between the Fort Berthold Rural Water and the City of Parshall will need some tweaking, Three Affiliated Tribe Council Member Mervin Packineau told the Parshall City Council.

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System opens Council meetings

V. Judy Brugh had a vision for her people.

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TAT Kids want to Kick Butts

Tobacco has long held a sacred place in the culture of Native Americans. However, the commercialization of this sacred plant has created an industry that thrives on addiction and abuse of its products.

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Parshall gains new fire truck

There are miles of grass and roads around Parshall and both are keeping the Parshall Volunteer Fire Department busy.

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Bullies and buses

Bullies and buses were two of the topics on a fairly short agenda for the regular meeting of the Parshall School Board.

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Former New Town editor accused of plagiarism

A former editor of the New Town News has resigned as editor of a Minnesota paper after being accused of passing off humor columns written by others as his own.

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A real big fish story

A search for walleyes at the Garrison Dam Tailrace back on March 6 turned up something different for Royce “Pete” Johnston of Van Hook. A very big something, as it turned out.

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Area, state GOP likes Santorum

Area voters had their say and while New Town Republicans gave a majority of their votes to Ron Paul, the rest of the district and the state gave a Super Tuesday victory to Rick Santorum.

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