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Council continues to grapple with growth

The Parshall City Council continued it quest cope with all the changes that have come about with the Bakken oil boom.

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Parshall Area Community Foundation Awards Grants

The Parshall Area Community Foundation has announced the 2014 grant recipients.

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Finding a way to prosperity

From two miles below the surface, a river of black gold climbs to the surface of the Fort Berthold Reservation. Cracks blasted in the rock release a torrent of oil, and those valuable hydrocarbons have brought a torrent of revenue to mineral owners and the tribal government on the reservation.

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Bank Robber has been nabbed near New Town

A fire call produced an unexpected result for a Mountrail County Sheriff’s deputy.

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Mountrail County Social Services takes on Region 2 Adult Protection Services

In a decision made after recent legislative and state changes, Mountrail County Social Services has taken on the contract to cover the Region 2 Vulnerable Adult Protection Services. Essentially, the program is funded through the state with the oversight coming through Social Services and Director Bryan Quigley. Niels Anderson, a Licensed Social Worker, has joined the staff and will lead any investigation into any reports filed.

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FBCC dedicates faculty housing

As the Fort Berthold Community College faces many of the same challenges as any business in the Bakken Boom these days. Chief among those is "where will our employees live?"

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Area fire, ambulance receives $1.5 million in grants

The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded $12.2 million in Energy Impact Grant funds to help fund enhancements for emergency services and fire districts throughout the state’s oil and gas counties.

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Missouri River Resources to host energy summit

The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, home of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara nations, is now the source of more than half of all the oil produced on Indian Reservations in the United States.

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Proposal could ease Parshall’s truck traffic

The Parshall City Council was looking towards the future as issues of water sales, planning and zoning and housing were on the agenda for it’s regular meeting held Wednesday morning.

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How much? Rule would change native oil royalty payments

While the meeting was supposed to be about a narrow topic of how royalties are calculated for allottees and tribes for oil wells drilled on reservation lands, the topics discussed at the meeting in the New Town Civic Center ranged widely as tribal members took their chance to send a message to the higher-ups in the federal Department of Interior who oversees the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies who have a direct impact on live on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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