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Superintendent search marches on

The Parshall School Board met with Gary Schnellert from MacPherson & Jacobson to discuss the candidates for superintendent at a special meeting on July 6.

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TAT Firefighters fighting Texas wildfires

Three members for the MHA Nation Fire Management Program made the long trek to Texas with two engines to join thousands of other fire fighters battling the huge wildfires that are blackening tens of thousands of acres in Texas.

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Frost dampens crop prospects

Weather has been hard on small grains crops in Mountrail County but row crops were looking good. At least they were looking good until they were hit by an early frost this week.

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NDHP receives grant for truck, bus safety

As people living in North Dakota’s oil patch know, the incredible increase in traffic on state highways has made travel more hazardous.

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Schools look for busing solutions

Competition is often touted as a good thing, but often small businesses and essential services suffer when private businesses can offer double or triple the salary.

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Passing on the native tongues

Having a common language can be part of what defines a people. The number of elders who are completely fluent in Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara have declined to a precious few.

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Parshall targeted for major development project

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Elbowoods Memorial Clinic approaching completion

Work on the exterior of the Elbowoods Memorial Clinic is almost finished and finishing work inside the building is moving ahead. The clinic is scheduled to open in less than two months, said clinic project manager James Foote.

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School starts for students as well as superintendent

Students in Parshall are finishing up their first week of school, as is new superintendent John Weidner.

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Parshall ambulance looking for drivers and EMT’s

If you drop in at the ambulance garage in Parshall to chat with the squad members, there will be no lack of conversation. That’s because they are often so busy they are rarely all in the same room.

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