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MHA Nation seeks to challenge census numbers

Indian Tribes have long believed the United States Census conducted every ten years by the U.S. Department of Commerce doesn’t produce an accurate count of Native American people.

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Parshall schools watch legislature bills carefully

Bills before the 2013 North Dakota Legislature could have an outsize impact on the Parshall School District, according to Superintendent John Weidner.

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Second cafe opens in Parshall

Parshall was without a year round restaurant for more than a year. Now the second new restaurant in less than a year has opened at the Parshall RV Park.

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Building, drainage top city council agenda

The Parshall City Council found out more about Arfa Contracting's plans for developing the Highlands of Parshall and heard the results of a study that could help solve some of the drainage problems that plague Parshall after heavy rains.

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From New Town To DC

Each state and territory of the United States was represented in the parade that marked the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.

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Gold Star father to make “Leap of Faith”

Thanksgiving marked a painful anniversary for Paul Good Iron.

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All Chiefs Society participate in Inaugural Parade

The Fort Berthold Community College All Chiefs Society was invited to participate in the 2013 Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC.

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Bill would keep oil production tax dollars in oil affected counties

House Dem-NPL Leader Kenton Onstad of Parshall has introduced the Catch Up and Plan initiative which would direct 80 percent of the revenues from the oil production tax to oil producing counties during the 2013-15 biennium.

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Oil field water trucks cause home owner headaches

Bulk water sales have been a boon for the City of Parshall. The added income the city has earned selling water for oil field fracking is financing a comprehensive street and sewer renovation for the entire city as well as helping pay some of the costs that will come with the city’s expansion.

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2013 Street Project gets go-ahead

Bids will soon be let for the second phase of Parshall’s comprehensive street and sewer improvement project.

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