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A window to the past

A Centennial Celebration is a time to explore memories.

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City gets ready for Centennial Celebration

The Parshall City Council is ready to party.

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Looking for a sign

The entrance to the Parshall Bay Recreation area has been, well, a little nondescript.

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Area Vets to tour USS North Dakota

A group of veterans from Northwest North Dakota will be touring the submarine USS North Dakota in Connecticut and will then join with Korean War veterans for a tour of Washington, D.C.

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Can a horse heal a heart?

The bond between a horse and a young person has been celebrated in literature and art for centuries. From Black Beauty to National Velvet, the story of a headstrong kid falling under the spell of a powerful animal and learning about their place in the world is timeless

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Celebration of Freedom banquet

Parshall will have a "Celebration of Freedom" banquet on Saturday, June 21st at 4:00 PM during the city’s Centennial Celebration.

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Work to do: Parshall Schools plan for future

Oh the times they are a changing, so the old song goes, and the Parshall School District will change along with it.

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Housing, survey dominate school board meeting

Crafting a new lease agreement for teacher housing and what students think about Parshall’s schools were the top subjects at the Parshall School Board’s regular meeting Tuesday.

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FFA Banquet Recognizes Achievement and Effort

Parshall FFA held its annual banquet May 7th in the High School Gymnasium. A delicious supper, provided by community members, was followed by awards.

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Newspaper 'hall' dedicated

The North Dakota Newspaper Association Hall of Fame has found a prominent place in the new addition to the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck.

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