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Tribal candidates debate North Segment’s future

Wellness and fairness were two themes that echoed through a North Segment Tribal Council Representative candidates’ debate held by the Student Senate of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College in New Town.

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Flying Farmer soars again

Minutes before John Smith, Makoti’s own Flying Farmer, sped toward the ramp where he hurtled his car over a burning trailer house, tearful family and friends gathered around him for one last chance to hug him and wish him well.

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City Council considers a break from construction

With the 2016 construction season coming to a close, the Parshall City Council thinks it might be a good idea to hold off on the final leg of its extensive reconstruction of the city’s sewers and streets.

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Trafficking still a major problem

While the oil boom has faded over the last year, the problems it brought to the region linger on.

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Ferry plan could work with local support

Could a ferry service operate successfully on Lake Sakakwea, restoring the north-south connection that was lost when Elbowoods disappeared under the water of the lake?

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Remembering loss to prevent future pain​

A dreary, rainy day did not deter walkers from remembering family and friends who died by suicide. It is a hard topic to talk about. It is a hard thing to think about. It is a hard thing to remember for anyone.

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Construction work winding down

Another season of street and sewer replacement is winding down as the Parshall City Council mulls future plans

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Rain not hampering harvest yet

The rain over the last couple of weeks has been a nuisance to farmers but harvest is proceeding on schedule, says Mountrail County Ag Agent Jim Hennessy.

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Parshall Schools to add daycare

The Parshall School Board voted to convert one of the rooms in the Elementary School to be used as a daycare facility.

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Bus driver shortage drives school changes

Parshall School Superintendent Beth Schwarz is looking for a few good drivers.

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