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Parshall ranchers know how to handle storms

Dan and Barb Waldock know a thing or two about protecting their cattle herd during North Dakota’s stormy winter. Even with the back to back storms after Thanksgiving, the couple took it all in stride and managed their herd with the wisdom and care they have used in the past.

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Back to Back storms tax city clean up crews

“The weather outside is frightful.”The opening lyrics to the classic Dean Martin Christmas Carol couldn’t ring more true for Al Christianson, Public Works Director in Parshall these days.

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Taco Johns open for business in Parshall

Even Old Man Winter seems to have a taste for Mexican food, because Monday was clear and calm for the Grand Opening of the long-awaited Taco Johns just off of North Dakota Highway 37 in Parshall.

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Rural areas hit hard

The winter storm that leisurely swept through the countryside was hard enough on the communities of the Bakken, but the effects are going to be even longer lasting in the rural areas of the county, said Mountrail County Ag Agent Jim Hennessy.

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Winter Storm slams region

Old man winter barreled into our state with a vengeance this week. It should not have been a big surprise, but it likely was for those who are not veterans with years of winter driving experience under their belts.

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Parshall Park Board proposes pool plans

The Parshall Park Board is seeking public input on the idea of building or repairing a new swimming pool and adding a splash pad.

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Parshall youth advises state official

Tyson Odermann, a sixth grader at Parshall School, found himself in a rather unique position recently. Odermann was one of 20 students from across North Dakota who participated in a North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Student Cabinet.

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Business owners ask for Main Street makeover

Last month, the Parshall City Council decided to table the 2017 streets and sewer project to give Parshall residents and businesses a break after several years of disruptive construction.

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Happy Birthday, USMC

It was a very special birthday. It was the Marine Corps 241 birthday to be exact. The official date is set for November 10.

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Sisters give major gift to TAT Museum

The board at the Three Affiliated Tribes Museum could not be happier.

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