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Missouri monitored for impacts from two spills

North Dakota regulators are keeping a close eye on the Missouri River these days as two major spill are causing water quality concerns for Williston and other communities downstream, including Mandaree and Parshall, that use Lake Sakakawea as a water source.

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Fire District receives $2 million

The Parshall Volunteer Fire District accepted a $2 million check from Liberty Township to help get a new fire station off the ground.

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Garbage, Golf Course on city agenda

Parshall will be boosting garbage rates this year because Circle Sanitation has raised the rate it charges the city for residential garbage collection.

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Parshall Bay Angler featured on cover of Sakakawea Country

Reeling in a big fish can lead to even bigger adventures, both on and off the boat. For Caden Germundson, a photo was all it took to turn this passionate angler into a cover star.

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Parshall school prepared for outbreaks of tuberculosis

The Parshall School District has policies and practices in place in the event of an outbreak of contagious diseases, such as the case of tuberculosis that was discovered in New Town last week, said district superintendent John Weidner.

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Legislators weigh in their thoughts on the upcoming session

The North Dakota Legislative Assembly is set to kick off its 64th session Tuesday, Jan. 6. Legislators from the area were asked to give their thoughts on a variety of issues that will be presented when the assembly convenes.

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Soldier returns to Mandaree for the New Year

Johnny Cobb Hale returned home to join his family and see the sun rise on the New Year in Mandaree this year. Hale served three tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army.

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Stories of the Year MHA Nation inaugurates new leadership

A new day dawned on the Fort Berthold Reservation on Dec. 4. That evening, a celebration at the 4 Bears Events Center marked the inauguration of a new generation of leadership of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikira Nation.

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Stories of the Year New mayor for Parshall

There were some new faces for the last meeting of the Parshall City Council on July 2.

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Area poised for safe New Year

Gathering to celebrate New Year’s Eve is not new. Our traditions were began long before the time of Christ or the modern day calendar.

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