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City council looks to clean up

A number of issues regarding the ability of the city of Parshall to keep up a presentable face to the world were on the agenda at last week’s regular city council meeting.

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Bolkan, Folden step down from city service

With a combined career in city government that lasted more than three decades, Mayor Richard Bolkan and City Council Member Shirley Folden have witnessed a boatload of changes in Parshall over the years. With a special meeting at the end of June, they ended their time on the Parshall City Council and turned their positions over the Kyle Christianson and Robert Morenski.

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Cross family dedicates walking path

Phyllis Jean Cross knew the value of a good walk. That’s why her family dedicated a walking path in her name that will boost the health and physical fitness of Parshall residents for generations to come.

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Powwow in transition

2014 marks the end of Nuxbaaga Powwow.

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A celebration 100 years in the making

Old friends who hadn’t seen each other in 50 years. Dance floors filled with ages 8 to 80. Barbeque battles and honoring those who served.

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City council approves zoning changes

The Parshall City council approved a number of zoning changes and special permits at a special council meeting Monday, one of which attracted the attention of neighbors.

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School, teachers reach agreement

The Parshall School District reached an agreement with the Parshall Education Association over the teacher contracts for the 2014-15 school year.

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A window to the past

A Centennial Celebration is a time to explore memories.

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City gets ready for Centennial Celebration

The Parshall City Council is ready to party.

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Looking for a sign

The entrance to the Parshall Bay Recreation area has been, well, a little nondescript.

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