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Parshall Harvestfest 2015 reinvented

It’s hard to miss the fact that harvest is in full swing in our area. Combines are buzzing along the fields and grain trucks are everywhere delivering their bounty to farms or elevators.

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Myer's Meats celebrates 50 Years

Myers’ Meat Processing was started in 1965 by Wilfred and Emelia Myers.

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Lewis and Clark Elementary begin the school year in "tight" quarters

Todd Lee, Principal at Lewis and Clark Elementary school is looking forward to a good school year.

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Garden delights abound in Parshall Farmers Market

"We like the fresh vegetables. We love the market.

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Back to school in Parshall

"Our enrollment is just about where it was last spring. We may be up or down a few kids, but no huge fluctuations. I am excited about our new school year and we have much to look forward to."

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Highway 23 construction near Makoti on track

"Safety remains the primary reason for continued construction on Highway 23," James Redding of the ND Department of Transportation’s Minot Office commented on the current reconstruction project west of Makoti.

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Parshall School Board approves tentative budget

School property taxes will be going up in the Parshall School District next year, but not by much, said school superintendent John Weidner.

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Living her art

The African savanna and an oil painting of a Kudu, an antelope like animal, will soon take Peggy Myers’ painting of them from her home in Parshall to a more global setting.

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Teacher Shortage Critical, state says

With time running out to assist North Dakota school districts with teacher shortages, last week North Dakota’s Education Standards and Practices Board, which is the state’s teacher licensing agency, voted unanimously to endorse a proposal from the recently formed DPI teacher shortage task force.

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Parshall, Plaza still looking for teachers as school start looms

While a widespread discussion goes on at the state level in North Dakota about critical teacher shortages, local schools find the reality of that discussion all too close to home.

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