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Parshall man seeks to calm coffee cravings

If there is one thing that keeps the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation running, it is gallons and gallons of hot black coffee.

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Makoti couple loses home to fire

Only days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Roxanne and Brian Smith of Makoti found themselves homeless from a fire that moved quickly throughout the structure.

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The sounds of Christmas all around

If you listen closely, you may hear the sounds of Christmas coming at you as if like magic.

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Small computors make a big difference

If you ask Nick Sampsell, fourth grade teacher at Parshall Elementary School, about his students and how they like learning with Chromebook, he has a lot to say about that.

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Future still bright at economic summit

The boom is over but that doesn’t mean we are in a bust, yet.

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Parshall Area Community Foundation awards grants

Members of the Advisory Committee of the Parshall Area Community Foundation (PACF) recently awarded grants to 5 local organizations, including:

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Streets and strokes on council agenda

Streets and (golf) strokes were a big part of the agenda at the most recent Parshall City Council meeting.

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Shooting forces school lockdowns

A shooting at the Hilltop Trailer Court in Parshall forced lockdowns at area schools.

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Blacksmith qualifies for Boston Marathon

White Shield’s Megan Blacksmith came up short in her bid to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the qualifying event in Minneapolis, Sunday, Oct. 4.

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Once in three lifetimes

North Dakota hunters are well aware that the odds of getting a once-in-a-lifetime moose license are pretty long.

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