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Documentary filmmakers offer classes on reservation

A group of documentary filmmakers who produced a historical film on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation about the pioneer missionary Harold Chase are returning to teach film making classes in collaboration with the Nueta Hidatsa and Sahnish College in New Town.

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Land transfer will happen

Ten years is a long time.

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Powwow gets surprise guest

Hundreds of dancers performed at the Santee Lucky Mound Powwow south of Parshall last week, but this year’s event had a different feel to thanks to a famous visitor.

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No summer vacation for Parshall School Board

The classrooms are quiet except for the whirr of the floor polisher.

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Healing Horses Ranch is a busy place

"You feed your horse before you eat food yourself. You take care of your animals" said Kermit Heart Director at the Healing Horse Ranch and Estates near Parshall.

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North Parshall development back on the drawing board

The Highlands of Parshall is no more.

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Parshall Student, teacher headed for Space Camp

Lots of us dreamed of being an astronaut growing up. Aaron Fisher, a first year social studies teacher at Parshall High School was no exception.

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FBI Chief promises more enforcement

Serious crimes on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, especially those involving Native Americans, are regarded a federal offenses. As such, they are investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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The ‘Blue Bus’ makes one last trip

Long before Fed Ex and UPS emerged onto the scene to deliver supplies and parcels, "the blue bus" as it has been commonly called, moved packages and even people from Minot to area businesses and home towns along highway 23. Not anymore. Not for a long time.

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A fond farewell for Sister Lucille

Sister Lucille Heidt, says she is a "jack of all trades." She also says she is going to miss all the wonderful people she has met on Fort Berthold over her 27 years of experience here.

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